Gustavo Sarmiento

Review of the Italian Padel Courts

“The ItalianPadel fields are extraordinary, very solid and resistant. The glasses respond very well and the structure is of excellent quality.

In addition, the aesthetic wants its part and in the ItalianPadel fields the objective has been centered.

Comparing myself in my career with so many different fields, I must say that Italian Padel can easily compete in the world and European market, for strength and aesthetics.

I would really recommend them to everyone.

I was also lucky enough to visit the company and see the professionalism with which you do your work, this is truly enviable.”

Gustavo Sarmiento

Gustavo Sarmiento is
– Instructor and professional player
– Former player of the World Padel Tour
– 5 years No. 1 of Madrid
– Currently n ° 1 in Italy of the master’s ranking.