Amato Mazzocchi

Review of the Italian Padel Courts

“I have been playing Padel as a professional for about 30 years, playing and testing fields in several countries, I can say with certainty that ItalianPadel realizes high-level fields: the metal structure, the 12 mm glasses and the carpets used allow an exceptional playability combined with particular finishes captivating.

I thank Claudio Galuppini who involved me in his project because I am sure he will contribute to the growth of the Padel in Italy.

As a lover of the Padel I think this project is fantastic.

If you want a high quality court, don’t hesitate to contact ItalianPadel.”

Amato Mazzocchi

Amato Mazzocchi is Former Player No. 28 of the World Padel Tour with about 30 years of experience as a professional.