How to build a Padel court

All you need to know before buying a padel tennis court

We have already seen why it is worth investing in the padel and how much a playing field costs. Today, however, we want to talk about why it is important to choose the best materials for the construction of the same and thus avoid unnecessary risks over time.

1) The playing surface (or parquet)

The first point and one of the most important when installing a Padel court, is to create a parquet and/or a perimeter edging, compliant with the features required by the project prepared by the engineer. This work should be free of defects such as bumps and/or ridges.

Presence of defects that could alter playability.

The turf positioned on three different floors will give different results.

Permeable concrete

Unfinished concrete

Industrial concrete.

2. The turf

The choice of the turf is crucial depending on the goal one strives to achieve: In conjunction with world-class trainers and players, Italian Padel selected 6 types of turfs, after analysis and tests carried out on more than 30 models assessed from among: single-strand or curled single-strand with height varying between 10 and 16 mm.

Thanks to this wide range we can choose the degree of rigidity/softness and speed/slowness we strive to achieve in our court.

3) Strive for quality

The fact that padel is in its early stages in Italy, the absence of major industrial players and the convulsive hunt for lower prices have created grounds for construction of products with questionable quality and durability given that they immediately show clear signs of deterioration just a few months from installation.

The quality of the court metal structure should guarantee usability for at least 20 years.

4. Beauty

Beauty is crucial too and that is why finishings make the difference.

Manufacturing aesthetically appealing and structurally solid products, combined with correct assembly, obviously requires appropriate times and costs.

The end result definitely stands out!

5. 12 mm tempered glasses

The importance of installing 12 mm tempered glasses only.

Reasons to keep away from 10 mm glasses

When purchasing, for the customer the only apparent advantage lies in the lower cost.

However, there are 3 extremely concrete and clear disadvantages:

1) Playability and bounce are considerably poorer as compared to a post-fitted court with 12 mm glasses (this making the match less fun and the game less exciting for the players).

2) Glass is considered structural starting from 12 mm and thus the 10 mm glasses are fixed “hanging” on the structure and do not work together with it.

3) For obvious reasons, the 10 mm glass is less resistant as compared to the 12 mm glass and thus subject to risks and more frequent damage (thus, costs related to finding and replacing the damaged panels have to be taken into account alongside costs related to loss of income due to “closed courts”).

It should be borne in mind that the Italian regulation, as regards the use of safety tempered glass panels in public installations, requires a 3 KN/m horizontal thrust and a 2KN/m2 wind load resistance.

The 10 mm tempered glass does not guarantee resistance against such limit values.

We, at Italian Padel, exclusively use 12 mm glasses certified in compliance with the regulations in force.

6. Risks and liabilities of inappropriate structures

Non-galvanised or partly galvanised panels and posts can lead to corrosion due to thermal excursion, condensate or water seepage.

The occurrence of corrosion on crucial parts such as panels and posts jeopardise the solidity of the entire structure over time.

We, at Italian Padel, exclusively use fully galvanised products!

N.B. the liabilities of a manager and/or owner go beyond constructing a court. They actually continue over the entire life cycle of the court which should last at least 20 years.

A tubular metal structure measuring a few millimetres with corroded and/or rusted points can never be recovered through simple coating applied on the surface. This being due to the fact that corrosion is an irreversible and continuous process caused by water seepage, atmospheric humidity and condensate due to thermal excursion. Progressive deterioration exposes the structure to potential collapse and/or yielding due to harsh weather, accidental thrusts or wind thrusts, without any warning signs or clear signs of yielding.

Example of two courts that collapsed:

Avoid exposing yourselves to years of needless risks and liabilities, choose guaranteed, insured and certified products only.

Italian Padel, quality, warranty and beauty of a product made in Italy.

How (and why) to install a padel field

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Here is what you need to know to properly realize a field:
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What they say about us

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