Are you planning to buy a padel court, but you have no idea what to do? Not sure what permissions you need to install it? Would you like to enter this business too, but want to have some more information? Find out the answers to these and other questions in this article.

The most frequent questions from our customers:


What is the procedure to follow to manage a Padel court?


Information needed

  • Preliminary request to the municipal technical office to understand if the installation of the court is allowed and with what requirements.
  • If the intervention is urban planning feasible, you must obtain all the necessary documents and permits that are required in your country for the construction of a new building. It is very important in this phase to understand if the area is subject to landscape constraints or others.
  • At the same time, samples must be taken (by an authorized technician or using data relating to the specific area) of the land to assess the suitability of the area on which the structure will be built
  • Only after the communication or the obtainment of the habilitation certificate (and the deposit of the structural project) it is possible to start work.The beginning of the construction involves the opening of a site with respect for the obligations provided for by the laws in force.



A padel field is part of the technical construction regulations, which is why in order to avoid civil and criminal penalties, it must be made with suitable materials, it is necessary to have all the appropriate permits and professional figures. This is the only way to ensure a guaranteed and lasting business.

When you choose to make an investment in the construction of your own padel court, following all the rules and regulations in force, you also choose to wait about two more months, compared to similar constructions, to realize all the jobs and even two more months to get back into the investment. However, this choice will pay dividends in the future because it’s the only one that gives you the security of a court that lasts at least 20 years and also the peace of mind of not incurring civil and criminal penalties.


Do you need permission to install a court?

Yes, in Italy, it is necessary to request authorization from the technical office of the municipality in which you want to install a field. You should inquire with your municipalities of residence.


What are the dimensions of a padel court?

  • The internal dimensions of the padel court are 20m x 10m.
  • An area of at least 21.2m x 11.2m is required to allow installation.


Can I install a padel indoors?

  • Yes, but the minimum area necessary for the installation of a field, with perimeter escape spaces is 23m x 13m.
  • The “free” height from the playing mat must be at least 7m.
  • It is necessary to verify that the intended use of the shed is that required for the construction of sports or commercial facilities.
  • You must ask the technical office of the municipality where the shed is located which is the correct procedure to follow to obtain any authorizations.


Can I install a padel field on the ground?

Yes, but you must ask the technical office of the municipality where you want to install the padel court what are the constraints (if any) existing on the ground and what is the procedure to follow to obtain any authorizations.


What kind of soil should a paddle court be placed on?

The padel court must be anchored to a reinforced concrete or a curb with a reinforced concrete slab.


What is the difference between Deluxe and Panoramic field?



It is an elite model that provides for the coplanarity of the glass with the metal mesh.



    • 12 mm thick coplanar and structural glasses or stratified glasses
    • Anti-abrasion profiles
    • Perimeter support posts with reinforcement fins
    • Winch-equipped playing net tightener
    • Both lateral glasses measuring 3×2 in size
    • Anti-glare LED lights
    • Reinforced tubular elements
    • 12 mm thick support plates
    • Light posts with external inclination according to the FIP parameters


Optional: the 4 posts in the corners can be customized with the customer’s logo and with the possibility of backlighting.

DELUXE is the court chosen by sports centers, seaside resorts and accommodation facilities. It combines a price in line with other proposals on the market, but with fine finishes and better professional playability thanks to the coplanar glass.





It is an elite model that, due to the lack of back poles, ensures greater visibility, creating the effect of a maxi-cinema screen.



  • 12 mm thick coplanar and structural glasses or stratified glasses
  • Transparent glazing bead discs
  • Anti-abrasion profiles
  • Perimeter support posts with reinforcement fins
  • Winch-equipped playing net tightener
  • Anti-glare LED lights
  • Reinforced tubular elements
  • 12 mm thick support plates
  • Both lateral glasses measuring 3×2 in size
  • Light posts with external inclination according to the FIP parameters


Optional: the 4 posts in the corners can be customized with the customer’s logo and with the possibility of backlighting.

The PANORAMIC model is the field provided by Italian Padel in which some of the best players of the World Padel Tour in Rome played, in conjunction with the 2016 international tennis tournaments.

The padel champions have recognized it as one of the best courts in the world they have played in and it has been appreciated for its quality and playability. It has a modern and attractive metal structure.



What is the cost of a Padel court?

Since each project is unique and personalized and there are so many solutions, we need more information from you, so we ask you to click here and fill in the requested data.

Also, if you want to learn more about why you need to invest in a padel field, click here.


And if I don’t get the authorization to use cement for the soil?

If you do not get the authorization to use cement as a base for the padel court, Italian Padel gives you the opportunity to install a removable platform made up of precast concrete modules, which will replace what is the normal screed in place.

Is it possible to convert a tennis court or a five-a-side football pitch into a padel court?

Yes, the important thing is that the essential dimensions for a 21.2m x 11.2m paddle court are respected and that an auditorium can be made of reinforced concrete.


Reliability first of all: install a padel field without risks.

Italian Padel is synonymous of quality and safety

Choose only CE marked Padel Courts


The application of the CE mark is the last action of a correct production and guarantees in summary that the product on which it’s affixed was built in compliance with all the regulations in force in the area in which it will be used and a 10-year guarantee mandatory on structural parts.


The Italian Padel fields have the CE mark.


What does the CE mark mean and what are the advantages for those who buy?

Longer duration of the installed structure, less maintenance, more safety, 10 years warranty.

Italian Padel is the first and only company in the world to offer CE marked courts according to mandatory EN 1090-1 and referred to the EU regulation No. 305/2011.

The importance of materials

12 mm tempered glass

The importance of installing only 12 mm tempered glass.



Why is it better not to use 10mm glass?

The only apparent advantage that drives many sports centers to buy 10mm glass is the lower cost during the purchase phase.


However there are 4 very concrete and real disadvantages:


  1. The playability and the rebound are clearly lower than in a field with poles with 12 mm glass (which makes the game less fun and less exciting for the players).
  2. The glass is considered structural starting from 12 mm and therefore the 10 mm glasses are “hung” to the structure and do not cooperate with it.
  3. For obvious reasons, 10 mm glass is less resistant than 12 mm glass and is therefore subject to more frequent risks and breakages (therefore the costs to be incurred for finding and replacing damaged slabs should be considered, as well as the missed takings due to the “standstill field”)
  4. If a player, due to game movements, goes against an inadequate glass, breaking it can cause serious injuries. Let us remember that safety comes BEFORE EVERYTHING.


Paquito Navarro, tremendous crash against the glass during a tournament in Lisbon.


The Italian legislation, concerning the use of tempered safety glass sheets in public places, requires that the resistance to a horizontal thrust equal to 3 KN / m and a wind load equal to 2KN / m2 is guaranteed.
The resistance to these limit values cannot be guaranteed by 10mm tempered glass.

If you need more information on the regulations of your countries, do not hesitate to contact us by clicking here.

Italian Padel uses only 12 mm or 6 mm + 6 mm laminated sheets of glass which are made up of two glass plates and a layer of intermediate plastic and which remain a single piece even after the glass has broken. All these types of glasses are certified according to current regulations.


Risks and responsibilities of inadequate structures

Plates and columns that are not galvanized or partially galvanized can give rise to corrosions triggered by thermal changes, condensation or water infiltration.

The triggering of this corrosion on important parts such as plates and columns puts the solidity of the entire structure at risk over time.


Italian Padel uses only totally galvanized products!


The responsibilities of a manager and/or owner do not end after the installation of a court, but they continue throughout the life cycle of the camp which should be at least 20 years.

A tubular metal structure of a few millimeters that exhibits points of corrosion and / or rust can never be restored by simple paints applied on the surface since corrosion is an irreversible and continuous process caused by water infiltration, atmospheric humidity and from condensation due to temperature changes.

The progressive deterioration exposes the structure to possible collapses and / or sagging caused by bad weather, accidental thrusts or by the wind, without it showing any obvious signs of failure.


Here you can see an example of a collapsed field:

To avoid exposing yourself for years to unnecessary risks and responsibilities, we recommend relyng only on guaranteed, insured and certified products.


What does Italian Padel offer its customers?


  1. CE certification, the field is produced in compliance with all the regulations;
  2. 10 year guarantee on the entire carpentry;
  3. Product liability insurance;
  4. Italian production;
  5. The field is completely galvanized; stainless steel screws and washers;
  6. All welds are made with anti-corrosion technique;
  7. Verified structure with salt spray test lasting 1000 h;
  8. Support posts for projectors outside the field as per FIP regulation;
  9. Winch net tensioning; possibility of supplying anti-trauma sponges with piling covers and door-covers;
  10. High quality synthetic grass (the best brands on the market) with the possibility of colored infill;
  11. Side outlets with maximum dimensions as per FIP regulation;
  12. 12 mm tempered glass (better playability, greater safety and impact resistance), possibility of supplying laminated glass;
  13. Approved lighting system, wired IP 68 and LED backlighting in the load-bearing corners (optional);
  14. Fixing the structure to the ground with M16 plugs 160 mm long;
  15. Wind resistance up to 100 km/h;
  16. Italian assistance with warranty and spare parts availability;
  17. Application for booking Italian Padel fields;
  18. Application for remote management of fields (optional);
  19. Technical material kit for each field purchased;
  20. Possibility of courses with qualified instructors.


  • Feasibility and sustainability analysis of the investment;
    Appropriate business plan (BIA MODEL);
    • Visit the site to make all the appropriate assessments;
    • Search for a financial partner or rental assessments,
    co-management or participation;
    •Provision of the necessary documentation for the
    practices and indications of the professional figures to be involved;
    • Documents and drawings designed to carry out the correct construction works;
    • Possibility to carry out building works, such as curbs or slabs in
    industrial, draining or asphalt concrete in various Italian regions;
    • Delivery and assembly in Italy and abroad;
    • International instructors and coaches for training players or future instructors;
    • Supplies technical material for merchandising and pro shop;
    • App services and software for managing and controlling clubs, booking camps
    organization of matches and tournaments;
    • Optimization of the center in collaboration with roofing suppliers,
    prefabricated showers and changing rooms, heating systems and grandstands
    • Periodic field assistance and maintenance.



Italian Padel: Professionals at your service.

Italian Padel is a group of professionals specialized in the production of structures for Padel courts. Italian Padel deals with the design, construction and turnkey installation of certified Padel fields, designed and manufactured entirely in Italy.

Among our most important contracts are the Padel Courts of the International Tennis Paddle 2016 at the Foro Italico of Rome for Officine del Padel.

We have built more than 200 Padel Courts in Italy and our clients include both private individuals and sports clubs.

We would be happy to give you the information you need about our Padel Courts and help you take your business opportunity forward.

You can take a look at our portfolio in the “Our fields” session and do not hesitate to contact us by email at ( or phone (+39 0309686073).

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