Italian Padel Contacts

Italian Padel is a brand of Forgiafer S.r.l.

Via dell’Artigianato, 8
25012 Calvisano (Brescia) – Italy
Tel +39 0309686073
Fax +39 0309968920
C.F. e P.IVA 01685860981

How (and why) to install a padel field

Do you want to invest in a Padel field? Trust in Italian Padel!
Here is what you need to know to properly realize a field:
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What they say about us

Reviews of Italian Padel platforms and courts

Adrian Caviglia


This company is in a position to compete worldwide due to its quality, innovation and large production capacity.

Pablo Lijò


As a player, I must admit that they rank up there among the best worldwide.

Amato Mazzocchi


I have tried courts in several countries. I must admit without doubt that the ItalianPadel courts.

Gustavo Sarmiento


Italian Padel builds extraordinary, extremely solid and resistant courts. Beauty also counts and Italian padel got it all right.

Gustavo Spector


A serious company, capable of matching the quality of Spanish companies that have been in the padel courts market over the last 20 years in no time.

ASD Garda Padel


All our customers congratulate us on the playability of the courts. Quick delivery times and flawless assembly in no time.

Le Bandiere Sporting Club


Colturano (Milano) – After the first 4 courts were built, we decided to build 2 new courts. We recommend anyone planning to build a court to pay this company a visit. It is really worth it!.

Gardanella Sport Village


Expert and skilled professionals who also gave me tips on how to prepare proper foundations.



Right from the start, ItalianPadel proved to be an able and reliable company in terms of delivery.

TC New Country Club Frascati


The company has always been supportive and easy to reach. This made things easier when setting up the courts.

BEACH STADIUM Bagnolo San Vito (Mantova)


The company proved to be serious, punctual and provided us with the technical support needed in the construction phase.



The product is of excellent quality. And our customers noticed it.

TC NEW RIVER (Rivergaro)


Professional and available. The quality / price ratio is certainly excellent.

FUN CLUB (Biella)


The relationship with the company is clear and transparent, and extremely fast in terms of completion times.

Padel Vitality Ragusa


I advised and advised those interested in padel to contact this company for information.



Quality and finishes: decidedly different from those of foreign production fields.

City Padel (Milano)


After comparing and evaluating the quote with other offers we have chosen the Italian Padel fields.

CremonArena (Cremona)


We decided to install two padel courts and contacted Italian Padel at the suggestion of other managers.

Tennis Club Valnure (Piacenza)


We think that Italian Padel is simply fantastic, an example of how we can reorganize ourselves by becoming leaders of a new sector.

Olimpica Padel (Brescia)


Today the company is probably the reference reality in the production of padel fields at an international level that complies with CE regulations.

Play Pisana (Roma)


I find that Italian Padel is among the best for the quality and beauty of the material.

Slamcourt – Foreign retailer (France)


We were pleasantly surprised by the quality of the elements that make up the padel fields: dimensions and thickness of the frames…

Magibay – Foreign retailer (Denmark)


The quality of the fields is significantly better than that of other valued suppliers.